No sé cuántas cosas se pueden encontrar

En el ojo izquierdo de una persona

Las Pastillas Del Abuelo


I don’t know if you have stare at someone for a moment. I have, several times. Sometimes looking for something, other trying to figure out what were they thinking. When I first meet with someone, I look at them and get conclusion about how this person is. After a few times with that person, I can see if my judges were right.  I always keep this for me, but I really felt I had to talk about these eyes, and its look.

Brown eyes, nothing strange. They are not big, neither small; perfect size and perfectly placed on his face. I saw them for the first time, singing on a stage. Later, I had a few moments in which I was able to stare at him, and get my own conclusions.

You don’t see eyes like his frequently. The only common part in his look with the other people one is the small inch of sadness that I saw once. But if I hadn’t known him, I wouldn’t have realized. You can see millions of expressions and feelings in a look, and you can compare each look with something. Just as a paradox, I compare them with water.

They always look calm and peaceful, just as the gently river; but deeper, you can feel the rapids of his mind. He has managed to build a mask, even for his eyes.  It may seem impossible, and I don’t try to do that because I know I can’t. However, he could; he has broken all parameters according to looks. It is supposed that your eyes must reflect your soul. Instead, his eyes are like an iceberg, only showing the surface of such a complicated but wise mind.

They have youth, happiness, erudition, grief, peace, and a hundred more words that I could use to describe them; but time is not a friend today and I have to continue with my daily life.

I will never forget those eyes, that look he gave me once. I will never forget him at all.

Anyway the thing is what I really mean
yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen

Elton John


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